Maritime TVRO
AL-7200 Product Line

Maritime TVRO Satellite TV & Entertainment Systems

ORBIT offers the Marine TVRO Satellite TV & Entertainment Systems Product Line, comprising products used for private, commercial and military applications.
Using Orbit's unique technology, the antenna is stabilized on 3 axes in order to maintain the boresight and polarization directed towards the selected satellite. This enables the antenna to receive signals from the C-Band & Ku-Band satellites.

Our Marine TVRO systems are flexible and support various satellites, frequency bands, polarizations, antenna sizes, RF packages etc.

Designed for high quality, continuous communication and entertainment services, reception of TV and data From yachts to cargo ships, AL-7203 is ideal for any vessel in which limited space is available.

ORBIT's AL-7204 system offers high performance functionality, low maintenance demands and a robust design, all of which comprise a cost-effective linear & circular Ku-Band antenna system.
1.5m (60") Quad Ku-Band or Dual C-Band Marine Stabilized TVRO System.
ORBIT's unique state-of-the-art AL-7205 system enables unmatched quality satellite TV and data reception for both military and commercial platforms.
The AL-7207 Maritime Stabilized TVRO System enables fully comprehensive global reception, providing the complete range of television reception services, even in extreme weather conditions.

Specifically designed for cross-oceanic or equatorial-based vessels dealing with heavy rains, ORBIT's AL-7208 Maritime Stabilized TVRO System enables complete worldwide coverage for uninterrupted high quality satellite reception.

Providing the ultimate in superior quality TV reception, the AL-7209 Maritime Stabilized TVRO system enables worldwide coverage and continuous broadband satellite connectivity aboard a wide range of marine vessels.