ORBIT Communication Systems Ltd. - Company Profile

Tens of thousands of installations in all 5 continents place ORBIT as a world leading provider of innovative Stabilized Satcom Communications Systems, Tracking Systems and Communication Management Systems for Airborne, Marine and Ground vessels, in both Commercial and Military applications.

For over five decades, ORBIT Communication Systems Ltd.  has grown to become a leading company in its fields, able to provide diversified high-tech communication solutions, innovative thinking and a commitment to quality. Now serving global markets, ORBIT is able to meet new challenges and opportunities.

ORBIT marketing approach is Customer Oriented, a concept that has been developed into the company's strategic marketing plans and activities. All products and services are developed based on continuous flow of inputs and recommendations from the market, with strategic partners being invited to participate in all development stages from concept to implementation.

ORBIT's activities are divided into three main business lines. The Mobile Satcom business line offers Maritime, Air, Train and Land mobile Satcom Systems that are used for TV reception and for Data applications such as Internet, Video, Telephone and more.

The Tracking business line provides full solutions for tracking Low Orbiting Satellites, Aircrafts, UAVs, Missiles and more. ORBIT will provide also sub-systems such as Tracking Pedestals and Controllers that can also be used in the integration of full systems by a third party. Finally, The Communication Management Systems (CMS) business line specializes in Digital and Analog Communication Management Systems, Command and Control Systems, Digital and Analog Audio Matrix as well as Power Supplies for both Airborne and Marine Vessels.

The ORBIT team, the people behind the products, are highly motivated with world-class professional expertise that are all focused on and committed to customer satisfaction. All the technological know-how and experience is developed in-house and is used as the basis for ORBIT's exceptional ability to respond quickly to customer's requests and demands and tailor the solution to the exact needs of the customer's applications.   

Among ORBIT's customers are world leaders such as Boeing, Gulfstream, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Collins, Israel Aircraft Industries, Embraer and more. Additionally, many world leading navies and air forces are using ORBIT's equipment and solutions. 

Our mission

ORBIT Communication Systems Ltd.  aims to create long lasting profitable partnerships, through innovation and synergy, by delivering cutting edge technology products, with long term reliability backed up by superior service.

Our vision is to become a leader in the field of Satellite Tracking and Communications for Mobile Platforms.

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