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End-to-End Ground Station Solutions for Earth Observation Satellite Tracking

ORBIT provides high-performance and high accuracy  ground station solutions for tracking LEO and MEO satellites in earth observation and remote sensing applications. Based on our innovative Gaia™ product line, ORBIT offers a variety of innovative end-to-end ground station solutions that are designed to match the scale and budget of your tracking project.
Supporting a range of antenna sizes, our versatile ground station solutions meet the needs of large and small scale earth observation applications in markets such as: oil and gas exploration, weather monitoring and research, land mapping, surveillance and homeland security, Value Added Service (VAS) providers and more.


Gaia™ Product Lines

Gaia-100 | 2.4m-4.5m
Maximum performance with minimum footprint

The Gaia-100 is a small footprint, high performance series of ground stations for real-time capturing of data from direct readout (free) satellites or from low-mid resolution commercial satellites. Supporting antennas ranging from 2.4-4.5 meters, the Gaia-100 systems come equipped with a radome to withstand harsh environmental conditions. This cost-effective series meets the needs of budget-conscious markets such as VAS providers, researchers and GIS experts, and can be placed on the roof of a building, rig platform or open field.

Gaia-200 | 4.5m-6m
High performance, high resolution satellite tracking

The Gaia-200 series is ideally suited for the demanding application requirements and bandwidth needs of mid to high resolution satellites. Supporting antennas ranging from 4.5-6 meters, these ground stations guarantee maximum reliability and tracking performance for satellite owners, resellers and providers of high resolution imagery processing.

Gaia-300 | 6m-10m
Heavy duty, high gain satellite tracking

The Gaia-300 series is designed to meet the high gain requirements of LEO and MEO high resolution satellites. Supporting antennas ranging from 6-10 meters, these heavy-duty ground stations are built to download data reliably from horizon to horizon even under cloudy sky conditions. They are commonly deployed for satellite owners, government agencies and large resellers.