ORBIT Communication Systems Ltd. is a provider of superior performance communications equipment and solutions for airborne, maritime and ground applications.
ORBIT's innovative portfolio features Maritime Satellite Communications solutions, Earth Observation and Remote Sensing ground stations to track LEO and MEO satellites, Telemetry systems for tracking missile launches and airborne platforms, and Communication Management Solutions.

ORBIT's Latest Offerings

Gaia-100 Small Footprint Ground Stations

ORBTI's Gaia-100 family is a small footprint, high performance series of ground station systems for real-time capturing of data from LEO/MEO satellites. Supporting antennas ranging from 2.4-4.5 meters, the Gaia-100 series comes equipped with a radome to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

AirTRx - Airborne Stabilized VSAT System

AirTRx™ is a family of Airborne SatCom antenna systems suitable for a range of airliners supporting Ku, Ka and X bands. 

Gaia 400 Heavy duti ground station

The Gaia-400 series is ORBIT’s high-end ground 9-11 m ground station antenna solution for advanced, high resolution LEO and MEO satellites

Orion™ Advanced Communication Management System for Airborne Platforms

Orion™ is an innovative IP based communication management system built to support various network-based communication products and applications for airborne platforms.


26 January, 2015
ORBIT Wins Contract to Supply SatCom Solution for Airborne Platforms to Large Defense Organization in East Asia

30 December, 2014
ORBIT Receives Follow-Up Order for Airborne VSAT System for a Leading European Integrator

29 December, 2014
ORBIT Receives Orders for Advanced Communication Systems from the Israeli Ministry of Defense

25 December, 2014
ORBIT Wins Contract to Upgrade an Earth Observation System for a Leading Israeli Aerospace Company

16 December, 2014
Boeing Selects Orion™ - ORBIT’s New Airborne Communication Management System

8 December, 2014
ORBIT to Supply Aeronautical Test Telemetry Solution to Large Defense Organization in East Asia

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